An evening with Julian Sayarer, author of Life Cycles

Julian Sayarer is a round-the-world cyclist. While working as a cycle courier in London, he learns that the world record for a circumnavigation has...
berylsnight team update

Introducing: Team Beryl!

To make the Broken Spoke Bike Coop’s workshop, events and activities inclusive and accessible to all by attempting to break down the barriers to...
new hours banner

Our newest hours yet!

We know, we know, they say consistency is good, BUT, we also like to spice things up! Starting April 6 our landlords are opening...
Cowley Road Condors class with Jamie Smith

Lions and tigers and courses, oh my!

We’ve got a plethora of new courses on offer until the end of the year, and they’re selling fast. Book today!


Bikes in Oxford are more than just an occasional distraction,
they are part of our city’s soul.

The Broken Spoke Bike Co-op is a DIY (do-it-yourself) bicycle workshop that teaches people of all ages and backgrounds how to ride and repair bicycles. We are creating a culture of cycling in Oxfordshire.

Come along for the ride.

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