Bike repairs

Repair Tuesdays: we fix it for you!

We’ve launched a same-day bike repair service. This is for all you...

The Sinkstarter Campaign

Help us crowd fund our way to running water in the workshop…...

How I got into road cycling

Navigating MAMILs and QOMs *This post also appears on Kat’s blog* My...

I miss you and mangoes

A great western bike trip by Team Beryl and workshop volunteer Cat...

A New Partnership

Broken Spoke Bike Co-op is delighted to announce a new partnership with...

Bikeability for Broken Spoke

Since June of 2013, Broken Spoke has been delivering cycle training to...


Bikes in Oxford are more than just an occasional distraction,
they are part of our city’s soul.

The Broken Spoke Bike Co-op is a DIY (do-it-yourself) bicycle workshop that teaches people of all ages and backgrounds how to ride and repair bicycles. We are creating a culture of cycling in Oxfordshire.

Come along for the ride.

Hours volunteered

hours volunteered

Students completed courses

students completed courses

Build-a-bike graduates

Build-a-Bike graduates

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happy visits to the workshop

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