Support your workshop!

Your financial contributions go towards maintaining our tools, keeping the shop clean, and supporting local community enterprise. It helps us get more people on bikes more often, which can only be a good thing!

  • £20 pays for a month’s supply of degreaser and lubricant
  • £50 buys brake pads for one month of open workshops
  • £100 brings in a qualified professional mechanic for a bespoke mechanics course
  • £300 pays for a Bike Mechanics 101 class with one of our target groups of women, young people, and those with learning difficulties, thus increasing employment opportunities and building valuable life skills

Donations of used bikes

Our courses depend on donations of used bikes and spare parts. We accept bicycles in any fair condition, but we cannot come to collect them. We gladly accept donations during any of our opening hours.

Depending on their condition, most donated bikes will either go toward our Earn-a-Bike courses, or be refurbished and sold to raise funds to allow us to continue to exist! Occasionally we’ll strip bikes for parts, but rest assured your donation will 100% support the programmes of the Co-op.

Wish List

  • 2,000 sq ft of storage space for secondhand bikes
  • 1,000 sq ft of public workshop space
  • Large bike trailer
  • Rags, rags, rags
  • Used or abandoned bikes in any fair condition
  • Mechanics gloves/latex gloves
  • Steel wool
  • Toothbrushes
  • Washing up liquid
  • Bike books and magazines
  • Free or discounted printing
  • Tea, coffee, biscuits
  • Tallbike