Build-a-Bike December Edition

Yesterday marked the end of our classes for 2013, and what a ride it’s been! At the beginning of 2013 we were moving into a new building, painting walls, and building shelves. Although we’re still doing all of that (you can never have enough shelves), we’ve done a lot more besides.

I’ll save the 2013 schpiel for another post (the year isn’t done without reflection, right?), and save this one for our final Build-a-Bike graduates of the year.

The first finisher was Elija and father Reudi. They were working on a Dawes that was donated to us a few months ago, with drop bars and some nice integrated shifters. Elija wants to get in to racing, and we think those red racing stripes look pretty swish…

Elija and Dan build a bike

Next up was Oliver, who was working on a Professional given to him by a friend. It’s going to be an “around town” bike, and with one gear in the front and 6 smooth shifters in the back, it’ll be quick on the flats and good up the hills (what hills?).

Oliver build a bike

Next we had Dan, who’s been in the shop many times before. His New Years Resolution for 2013 was to build a complete bike, and he made it at almost the last minute! He was working on a beautiful Raleigh Record Sprint that’s been coveted since it came into our workshop last summer. With mudguards it’s going to be a really snappy commuter bike for all weather.

Dan build a bike

Lastly was Timothy, who’s put about 30 hours into his gorgeous tandem. We’ve learned a thing or two from him about tandem bicycles, and even more about the dedication and love one can put into a piece of machinery.

Timothy build a bike