Second Hand Bikes: When you can buy and why you should

If you want to do something that’s good for the environment, then making a commitment to cycling more is a great way of doing it. But it’s important to think about the bicycle you invest in, and what its lifespan is likely to be. Cheap bikes, or ‘bicycle-shaped objects‘ as one blogger has termed them, are not built to last very long. As a result, cycling is becoming less of a positive step towards carbon free living and more of a contributor to a throw-away disposable culture.

“We have a big problem of cheap shiny mass produced bikes which are flooding the market and tempting customers into a throw it away don’t fix it behaviour pattern,” explains Elle Smith, Operations Director at Broken Spoke. “We don’t have a magic wand to fix this sorry state of affairs but we can do our bit by breathing new life into old bikes and getting some decent second hand bikes on the market.”

If you want to start cycling, but don’t have enough cash for a good quality new bike, a second hand one is a great place to start. Broken Spoke receive second hand bikes from personal donations and the city council who collect abandoned bikes. They are then refurbished to a high standard and sold at reasonable prices with a warranty. Volunteers help in the fixing process and they are all checked over by an experienced mechanic before being put on sale. Buying a bike from Broken Spoke will save you money and help to support a local community enterprise: a win-win.

What’s more, the DIY workshops then enable bike owners to keep them in good shape. Which, as Elle points out, is “a step in the right direction” towards addressing the problem of abandoned bikes and the throw away culture.

When can I buy a bike?

During open shop hours or at our bike sale on 8, 9 and 10 October from 9am to 5pm.