Weekend cycle training now available

We’ve recently welcomed Paul Taylor, an experienced cycling instructor, to our team.

Welcome! Oxford born and bred, Paul is bringing an encyclopaedic knowledge of the city and a passion for supporting adults and children alike to develop their urban cycling skills – having worked and cycled around Oxford, London, and other European cities.

As Paul says ‘Safe cycling is a set of learnt skills, and whilst most are intuitive, some are not and benefit from being taught. Given our current infrastructure, this is especially so if you are a non driver or are new to the road’.

This also means we’re able to offer you lovely folks cycle training sessions on Saturdays – which we’re chuffed about because we know that weekend sessions often work much better with folks’ schedules. So book away, and tell your pals: cycle training now available at the weekends!

Cycle training isn’t just for beginners…. think of it as boosting your urban cycling skills, giving you confidence and techniques to manage our difficult road infrastructure more effectively, maybe showing you slow low-traffic routes to build up your confidence, or helping you take up more space on the roads. Or just refreshing and updating your skills.

From our experience, everyone benefits from a session or two. For more info check out our FAQs.