Cycle Training

We currently have a limited number of cycle training sessions in July, due to limited instructor availability as folks are away on holidays.

We’re more back to normal in August.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a casual cycling instructor (it’s really fun!) please get in touch.

Whether you want to learn to ride a bike, or give your skills a brush-up, our instructors can help you gain the confidence to ride happily, safely, and comfortably on the roads.

What is cycle training?
Do you offer cycle training for children/teenagers?
From what age can my child do cycle training?
Do you offer cycle training for Disabled People?
Do you offer group sessions?
How much does cycle training cost?
When are the cycle training sessions available?
Where do sessions take place?
Can I borrow a bike from you for the session?
I heard that my organisation will pay for my cycle training – is that true?
Is subsidised or free cycle training available?
Great! How do I book a lesson?
How do I cancel my cycle training session?
Are you the only providers of cycle training in Oxford?
Hey! I couldn't find an answer to my question above. How do I contact you guys?
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