Cycle Training


*Unfortunately, we are unable to do any level 1a cycle training (for those who are unable to balance on a bike), due to social distancing practices*

Whether you want to learn to ride a bike, or give your skills a brush-up, our instructors can help you gain the confidence to ride happily, safely, and comfortably on the roads.

Broken Spoke’s cycle training is designed to make you feel safe and confident while using your bike on the roads. Our instructors are there to help you learn new ways of making cycling a more regular activity.

We teach adults and children urban cycling skills on a one-to-one basis; from complete beginners to those who would like to brush up their skills and master urban cycling. The Bikeability accredited training that we offer has three levels, and everyone completes each level in order to progress onto the next. This could be a 20 minute assessment of your current skill level, or it could mean a couple of sessions getting to grips with foundational cycling skills.

  • Level 1a – Taught at an off-the-road location, you will learn how to steer and balance on a bicycle.
  • Level 1b – Still taught off the road, you will learn the skills to control and master the bicycle, ready to move on to level 2.
  • Level 2 – You will get out on the roads! Level 2 gives you a real cycling experience so that you are able to deal with quiet roads and/or short journeys.
  • Level 3 – You will learn the skills to tackle a wider variety of traffic conditions. When you reach level 3 standard you will be able to deal with all types of road conditions and more challenging traffic situations.

All three levels can be taught in a few 2-hour sessions spread over a few weeks.

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