Everybody get up! (August Newsletter)

“It never gets easier, you just go faster.” – Greg LeMond

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14 August 2013

If you’re anything like me, all your friends are on vacation right now. It sucks.

BUT, that’s no reason to keep off your bike. In fact, why not impress them all by climbing Headington Hill every day and having beefy quadriceps when they get back?

OR, better yet, why not spend some of your newly discovered free time fixing your bike? After all, your bike didn’t take a trip to the South of France, and deserves a day of pampering as thanks.

This month is quiet with bank holiday shop closures (due to staff vacation, WTF?), but September is full of uber-awesomeness. We’ve got a 1-year anniversary party (ALREADY?), a talk by Roger Geffen (Campaigns and Policy Director at CTC), and a whole fleet of secondhand bikes that need fixing in preparation for Fresher’s Week.

Oh, and did you know all of this can be found on our website? It’s just been redesigned by Cassiope, and looks so swish it could just fly off the screen.

Peace and Bike Grease,
– Cassiope, Elle, and Will


Sorry we're closed

Bank holiday shop closure 🙁

Just FYI, we’ll be closed on August 23 & 24 because everyone (and I do mean everyone) is away.

Back open on the 29th, 30th, and 31st, so check our calendar for deets.

Enjoy the holiday!


In the newsIn the News

Holy guacamole it’s been a busy week in the news! Apparently we’re famous:


One Year Anniversary of the Broken Spoke, Oxford

Wait, it’s been a year already?

Awww, or liddle-widdle bike co-op is already one year old. That’s almost as cute as this puppy.

So we’re throwing a teensy-weensy party on the 14th of September to celebrate. We’ll have clues scattered throughout town (watch our website and facebook for details), and if you can figure out the puzzle you’ll get a little prize at the door.

If you don’t want to do the puzzle, you can just show up at 7pm and eat/drink/chat/hang with us until 9.30pm (or whenever we decide to stop).

There WILL be candles. See you there!


Roger Geffen, Bike to the Future
Bike to the Future

A talk by Roger Geffen
Campaigns & Advocacy Director
CTC, the national cycling charity

27 September

6.30pm – Critical Mass
Meet on Broad Street, free

7.30pm – Lecture and discussion
East Oxford Community Centre, £5/£4 conc.


We need youWe need YOU to be a volunteer mechanic

We’re always recruiting volunteers to help us out in the workshop! Roles:

  • Open Workshop Assistant (we’ll teach you how!)
  • Distributing flyers to all our favourite coffee shops and pubs
  • Deconstructing donated bikes to collect any useful second-hand parts

Get in touch! info@bsbcoop.org


Found the fileOooh, shiny!

Our new website has just been launched, and it’s oh-so pretty! It’s easier to pay for classes, and we’ve entered the 21st century with a blog! (Ok, now we just have to update it…)

Please let us know if you find any broken links or things that don’t work on your computer.


Bainton BikesGet da money!

Recession-schmacession: here’s an employment opportunity! Bainton Bikes Ltd is currently looking for new tour guides, which could involve as little or as much work as one would like (how sweet is that?). Weekdays, weekends, and long distance guides all required.

You can reply directly to Honour if interested: honour@baintonbikes.com


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