I am looking for a specific part, how do I find out if you’ve got it?

Your best bet is to come to the workshop either during our DIY drop-in sessions, or on Repair Tuesdays to have a look yourself and get advice from our mechanics and volunteers. See our opening hours here.

The BrokenSpoke is HERE

Where is The Broken Spoke located and what are its hours?

Click here for our address and a map to help you find us.

We run a number of different programmes from our workshop, you can find our current opening hours for our DIY open workshop sessions and our same-day bike repair service on our home page. Check our calendar to see what courses and social events we have scheduled.

Is there car parking nearby?

The nearest car park to the workshop is at the Ice Rink on Oxpens Road.

Can you teach me to ride?

We offer Bikeability-accredited cycle training for adults and children. Please see our cycle training pages for more information.

Do you sell used bikes?

We often have a limited stock of refurbished bikes – when we sell them and how many there are varies throughout the year. Drop by the workshop on a repair day (Tuesday or Friday), and our mechanics will show you what bikes we have for sale and can give advice.

Can I donate a used bike to you?

Lots of our work depends on donations of used cycles and spare parts. We accept cycles in any fair condition, but we cannot come to collect them. We gladly accept donations during any of our opening hours (at the bottom of this page).

What are some ways I can support The Broken Spoke?

You can donate time, money, or materials to support our mission. For specific ways to help visit our volunteer or donate pages.

Wheel Building in the workshop

What’s the difference between a Member and a Supporter?

Members of Broken Spoke are people who fullfil our society’s membership criteria, have an interest and dedication to take part in the governance of the organisation, and have therefore chosen to join as a member by filling in our membership application form. They can be volunteers, employees or what we call “Supporters”, people who pay an annual subscription to receive discounts on parts, courses and using the workshop, as well as the chance to become members. Learn more about membership here.

Are you affiliated with the Oxford Cycle Workshop?

We grew from the ashes of the Oxford Cycle Workshop and Oxford Cycle Workshop Training, but we’re a fully independent and newly formed workshop. Many of our tools, parts, and accessories were acquired from OCWT when they closed doors in February 2012, and we definitely appreciate the valuable work they did for years and years. Prior members of OCWT are very welcome at The Broken Spoke, and anyone signed up for a class at OCWT that was not completed will receive a discount on similar classes.

I have some other questions, how do I get in touch?

Please send us a message with questions, comments, or inspirational bicycle quotes.