Our house is on fire!

Global Climate Strikes are taking place on Friday the 20th and ongoing until the 27th…

…and have been on other Fridays for a long time already. Have you heard or seen the #FridaysForFuture school strikes?

Why are these strikes important? Awareness of climate breakdown has been growing for decades, and yet very little is being done to stop it by those in charge. Business-as-usual when it comes to something as serious as the survival of most life on this planet is just not enough.

What is Broken Spoke doing? Well, business-as-usual for Broken Spoke is providing an important part of the solution to the crises we’re facing. ‘How?’ you ask? …

– By empowering everyone who comes in our doors to realise that repairing things is something anyone can do, to change our throwaway consumer lifestyles.
– By striving to create inclusive spaces and practices, reaching out to communities who we don’t see coming in every day.
– By facilitating mobility by cycling in all walks of life…you know how great cycling is at curing all of life’s ills, right?

So we have decided to remain open to the public, continuing with our consistent offering to the community of our DIY fix-it-yourself Open Workshops.

You may still see members of Broken Spoke participating in the strike action at various points during the day. That’s because folks need to know that alternatives to the quagmire of capitalism already exist. Come down to the workshop to see!

What are you doing to call for the change we need?