Next year, bring Le Tour to Oxford (instead of “the other place”) (July newsletter)

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10 July 2014

Top 5 reasons to love summer:

  1. BIKES! We know, we know, bikes are in season year round, BUT summer brings Le Tour de France, the Dunwich Dynamo, and SUNSHINE!! Plus it’s warm enough to re-create the Queen Bicycle Race music video. You also don’t have all the ice, rain and snow to rust your chains, and there’s no salt on the roads that corrodes your tyres and shiny paint jobs.
  2. Visiting other projects: Last night our staff team went to visit the Reading Bicycle Kitchen, where we enjoyed a pint and a tour of their INCREDIBLE space. We even got the train home before the sun set.
  3. Learning stuff! We’ve released our course dates through the beginning of autumn, and there are some exciting things in store!! We’ve got our premier Hydraulic Disc Brakes course next Thursday, and 2 (TWO!) External Mechanics Intensives before the end of September…wowza!
  4. Cycle training: More bookings, fewer rain cancellations, more people learning to ride. We always have space for one more, so sign up today!
  5. It matters less if you forget your lights because there’s daytime until TEN FRIGGIN’ PM!! Go out and enjoy 🙂

Pedal hard and in joy,
– Cassiope, Elle, Sam, and the Broken Spoke Team

So much to learn, so little time!

  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes – 17 July – 5.45-8.45pm
  • Bike Mechanics 101 – 24 & 31 July – 5.45-8.45pm
  • Family Bike Workshop – 27 July – 9-11am
  • External Mechanics Intensive – 7 & 14 August – 5.45-8.45pm
  • Bike Mechanics 101 – 28 August & 4 September – 5.45-8.45pm
  • External Mechanics Intensive – 11 & 18 September – 5.45-8.45pm
  • Bike Mechanics 101 – 13 & 20 September – 8.45-11.45am
  • Wheel Building – 17 & 24 September – 5.45-8.45pm

More info and booking here!

Dunwich Dynamo

This Saturday is the epic overnight bike ride from London to Suffolk. That means most of our mechanics will be busy, but the workshop will still be open as usual on Saturday and Sunday!

Our doors stay open this August!

We know, we know, August is the month of “holidays”. However, our staff don’t want to leave you hanging, so we’ve staggered our own vacations to keep the workshop running all month.

This means that all your cycle touring needs can be fulfilled before and after your journey.

And, as a friendly reminder, we’re open 11am-5pm Friday/Saturday/Sunday.


Our 2nd Year Anniversary is coming up, so mark your calendars!!

6 September 2014, 7-10pm (then off to the pub!)


psst….it’s also Cassiope’s Return-To-The-US-of-A party………don’t miss it!

You want ’em, we got ’em

Well…not cows. But we’ve got secondhand bikes! We’re trying to clear the workshop a bit before the student rush in September, so our volunteers are busy putting together all the secondhand bikes we can get our hands on.

Cheap, reliable, and ready to ride.

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