Not-at-all-Black Friday

A fun, festive time was had by all at the Christmas Craft Night on Friday 5th December, making stars out of chains, snowflakes out of cogs, and baskets & jewellery out of inner tubes. These lovingly crafted gifts are sure to be well received, much more so than a flatscreen TV from Enormo-mart, we think!

We were also at the Oxford Green Fair Christmas market, run by the Green Party at Oxford Town Hall, standing alongside other local ethical retailers and sustainable organisations. A really warming experience that helped put us in the spirit and helped many with their gift ideas. Talking of which…

2014-12-05 21-48-47


2014-12-05 20-41-51

2014-12-05 20-40-27

2014-12-05 20-47-23

2014-12-05 20-47-33

2014-12-05 20-36-41

2014-12-05 21-23-05

2014-12-05 21-00-46

2014-12-05 21-00-49

2014-12-05 21-08-11

2014-12-05 21-46-23

Thanks to Katie Rhymes for these nice pictures!