Beryl’s Night

What is Beryl’s Night?

Beryl’s Night is a free monthly evening for women, trans* & non-binary folks to come and use the workshop. It usually takes place from 6 – 9pm on the first Thursday of the month.
There are no mandatory times – drop in or out as you feel like.

We usually hold a short class starting at 6pm. You’re free to use the workshop to work on your cycle at any time during the session; Team Beryl is on hand to help you out if you need us. Or just come to socialise!

*Covid-19 changes*

As the workshop is currently closed for DIY sessions due to Covid-19, we’ve been running shorter online Virtual Beryl’s Night sessions. Our upcoming topic is shown on the right.

We host these monthly sessions on Zoom,  focussing on something different each time, creating an interactive space to touch base, see each other’s faces and collectively share our experiences.

Still on the first Thursday of the month, but now from 7 – 8pm.

We’re learning as we go, so if there’s something you’d like to feedback or a topic you’d like us to cover – let us know!

Virtual Beryl’s Night

August’s topic:
Cycle Modifications – Why? What? How?

Imagine your Biketopia!

What’s your dream bike modification? Piece of kit? Something that feels basic or extravagant to you?  Something uncomfy that you want to change? Have you changed bits before? Made it more practical? Nicer to ride?

Bring your cycle (if you can), think about what has or hasn’t worked for you. And if you’re up for it – share with the group.

Still on the first Thursday of the month, but from 7 – 8pm 

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Meeting ID: 986 5894 2291
Passcode: pedal

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As with Beryl’s Night in the workshop, it will be a women, non-binary & trans* folk only space.

Who is Team Beryl?

Team Beryl is a group of volunteers who are passionate about the intersection of bikes and gender. We organise Beryl’s Night and other cycling events throughout the year.

  • Achas – Legal genius and classic frame collector
  • Caitlin – Cycle mechanic and beach bike cruiser
  • Cat – Aspiring audaxer and tandem fan
  • Camen – Audaxer enthusiast and data whizz
  • Inês – Community organiser and swimming cycler
  • Kat – Environmental consultant and enthusiastic adventurer
  • Kerry – Community fridge extraordinaire and lover of long-distance
  • Meike – Master-puzzler and workshop Hero

Not content to meet just once a month at Beryl’s Night, this team is committed to making all workshop, events, and activities at the Broken Spoke inclusive and accessible to everyone by breaking down the barriers which prevent women, non-binary, and trans* folk from engaging in cycling and mechanics. The members of Team Beryl look forward to seeing you around the workshop!

Why Do We Need Beryl’s Night?

The aim of Beryl’s Night is to create a space for women, trans* & non-binary folks to learn, fix, teach, socialise, get greasy hands, eat cake, hang out, laugh, use spanners, help each other, high five, ask for help, make friends…

Team Beryl believes that it is important to actively create this space, as well as encouraging women, trans* & non-binary folks to participate in the wider cycling community.

Often growing up, these people aren’t given access to knowledge about fixing things and getting their hands dirty. When most mechanics are cis-men, there is a kind of hierarchy of knowledge, where the men fix the bikes and teach others. This primacy of cis-men in cycling spaces can often discourage other folk from participating, as well as bar them from the full range of opportunities available.

We want to do away with all this, and create a space where you are empowered to learn about your bike and share what you know – or just get on with it yourself! – all without the pressure and machismo that can exist in cis-male populated spaces.

More great cycling activities


The Cowley Road Condors are a vibrant and friendly road cycling club with a community focus and a committed, yet fun, outlook towards club riding. With over 100 female members, the Condors are one of the leading clubs in the area for women’s cycling. As well as their wide range of mixed-gender activities, the club runs women’s rides and races – check out the details here and see if the Condors are for you.

Isis Cyclists CTC

Isis Cyclists CTC offer social bike rides for women in Oxford. Rides are led by experienced and knowledgeable members of the CTC and follow cycle paths and quiet roads. The length of the rides varies, but all rides include a refreshment stop. To register for the Isis monthly newsletter, please email

Why is it called Beryl's Night anyway?

Beryl Burton was an English racing cyclist and one of Britain's greatest athletes. She dominated women's cycle racing in the UK, winning more than 900 domestic championships and seven world titles, and setting numerous national records. She set a women's record for the 12-hour time-trial which still stands today (and exceeded the men's record for two years).

One of Burton's most famous idiosyncrasies was offering witticisms to riders she caught. Dave Taylor, press secretary at Cycling Time Trials, remembers: "The only experience I had with Beryl was being caught by her in a ‘25' in Essex. As she passed me she said ‘Eh lad, you're not trying' where upon she disappeared up the road." We'd like more people to know about her, and others.

Beryl Burton