Compact Course

Get to grips with all the basics – BIKE MECHANICS 101: Part 1 & 2

Learn how to give your two (or three)-wheeled machine a thorough check up, fix a flat, clean and lubricate, index your gears and sharpen up those brakes (sorry folks we don’t cover disc or drum brakes in this class). It’s the prefect course for commuters and weekend riders who want to get some confidence in basic bike repairs and maintenance.

Part 1: Fix-a-flat / cleanin’ & lubin’ / the m-check
Part 2: derailleur rear gears / rim brakes

Each part is 3 hours. Up to 6 participants.

You can book the two parts separately, choose dates and times that work for you, take the two parts in the same week, same month, or same year…

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Note: We can only run a course if it has at least 3 people on it, please bear this in mind when booking – you’ll be able to see the number of tickets remaining for each date.

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Comments from previous students:

I really like the environment and the vibe at the Broken Spoke, it is a very friendly and conducive atmosphere to learn in. The course leaders were both very helpful and knowledgeable and at no point did the course or the content feel condescending.

I learned some great tricks that have made doing the basics much easier and found out about some adjustments I didn’t know were possible, which have really helped!

Brilliantly hands on – I liked that the instructors/volunteers got us to do everything ourselves and didn’t do things ‘for us’ (or would then undo them so we could do them ourselves), which was very empowering! I loved the ‘problem-solving’ approach and how it was tailored to our individual bikes.

The vast knowledge of the trainer and volunteer opened a new view on bikes all together and, even more, the general passion and non-judgmental attitudes towards my ignorance – I really really loved that!