Modular Course

Introducing our ground-breaking 4 part mechanics course: GO, TURN, SHIFT and STOP!

MEGA DISCOUNT: take one module and get 10% off the next, then 20% and then 30% – till you’ve done ’em all!

What’s so ‘ground-breaking’ then?

You know those ‘a-ha’ moments in fixing something when it all clicks into place in your head and you don’t have to try to remember anymore cos you just ‘get it’? Imagine a bike mechanics course designed around that idea – a course that…

  • Celebrates mistakes, in fact sometimes you will be asked to do things wrong and figure out why that didn’t work.
  • Focuses on learning, not outcomes, we will not measure success on perfectly working bikes but on whether you understand why and how the bike works.
  • Introduces lots of creative and collaborate learning techniques, aiming to get you to discover for yourself through experimentation, structured activities and working with other participants.

Each module is 6 hours of mechanical delight, taken together they make up a complete education for the budding bike mechanic. Anyone can take these modules however experienced or fresh-faced you think you are – it’s about the depth of insight you want to get to, not where you’re at before you begin.


Book upcoming courses

Book Go! on 13th & 20th July 2017

Book Shift! on 28th June & 5th July 2017

Book Stop! on 26th July & 2nd Aug 2017

New dates for Turn! will be released soon. Drop us a line if you’d like to be notified when they are.

The 4 modules…


Go! is all about the transmission, the bits of the bike that are essential to making it move forwards when you turn your pedals. We’ll explore how rear-wheel-drive bikes work and delve into the world of chains, cassette and freewheel sprockets, chainsets and bottom brackets. Get ready to get on your bike and GO!


Time for a change of gear? We think so. This one takes you on a journey into how and why derailleur gears work, by the time we’ve finished with ya you’ll be able to calculate gear ratios, understand how to set up front and rear gears and troubleshoot what’s happening when your gears just won’t co-operate.


You think transmission and shifting is important? Well, think again because if the turning parts of your bike stop working, you’ll fall over! And it’s not at all as full of magic as you might think. So go on, discover what’s inside a wheel hub and the steering system (or headset) and get your cogs turning!


This course could save your life. In this one we address the big existential questions like, how do brakes actually work? You’ll play around setting up different types of systems, learn to troubleshoot what’s happening when brakes don’t…brake. And explore the things which affect braking that you don’t normally think of, like fixing a buckled (or out-of-true) wheel. It’s time to stop!