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Is there anything quite so beautiful as a hand-built bicycle wheel? This class gives you a thorough introduction to the craft of wheel-building: calculating spoke length, lacing, tensioning, truing, and dishing a wheel. You’ll put theory into practice by building a wheel for Broken Spoke using our materials (so you won’t experience any annoying parts-compatibility headaches).

Our aim is that at the end of the course you have the knowledge and skills to embark on your very own wheel-building project. Ever thought about building a dynamo wheel and solving the bike light blues forever?

6 hours. Up to 4 participants.

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Aren’t hydraulic disc brakes marvellous when they work! This awesome class will teach you what to do when they…umm don’t. Learn how to diagnose problems, change pads and bleed hydraulic brake systems.

3 hours. Up to 6 participants.

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In this fascinating 3-hour course, you’ll learn how the classic Sturmey-Archer AW-3 three-speed internal-gear hub works, as well as how to disassemble and service them. Our unique teaching atmosphere lets you explore the complex gearing system with your classmates, working together to understand how the many tiny components transfer pedalling into motion.

You’ll be taking apart one of our Sturmey-Archer AW-3 hubs, not working on your own bike.

3 hours. 4 participants.

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