Where’s the Iced Tea? (July Newsletter)

It is the unknown around the corner that turns my wheels. ~ Heinz Stucke

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16 June 2013

Need we say it’s hot outside? Well I’ll say it again: it’s HOT OUTSIDE! We hope you’re powering through the sweat and wearing plenty of deodorant so your co-workers don’t hate you.

The last few weeks have been quite exciting with Alice’s Day, the Cowley Road Carnival, the success of our extended open workshop hours, and the incessant need to keep abreast of Tour de France results (Brit Chris Froome conquered Mont Ventoux yesterday!). Thankfully we’ve got a refrigerated workshop to keep us cool in all the excitement.

Anyway, we’re building up for some really awesome stuff through the end of the year, but for now we’ve got courses, Critical Masses, and summer maintenance tips. So read on, ride on, and remember your sun cream.

Peace and Bike Grease,
– Cassiope, Elle, and Will


Beryls' Night flyer

Beryls’ Night is better than ever!

Beryls’ Night is an evening for women and trans-gender to experience bike maintenance, discuss womens’ issues, share some dinner, and encourage a supportive learning environment. We’ve got a new team of star volunteers who are taking BN to the next level, and we know you’ll love what they’re doing with it!

When can I come along?

Beryls’ Night is now being held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, and each session is themed (tomorrow it’s How to Clean and Lube your Drivetrain).


Learn all the things bike meme

Courses until 2014…

We’ve launched new courses and they’re selling fast already!

There’s a Bike Maintenance 101 session every month, Internal and External classes in September and October, and Wheel Building in November.

Our expert mechanics are also fabulous tutors who regularly make appearances in the Oxford Mail.


Book Today!


Broken Spoke Bike Coop hours

Discount? Gimme…

Until the end of August, we’re offering you a deal. If you bring a friend who’s never been to the workshop before, you BOTH get 50% off regular workshop access.

That means you get to use all our stuff for only £3.50. Wow.


OCVA Awards

The Oscars have nothing on us

Why? We were just nominated for the OCVA Awards in 2 categories: Best New Group and Management of Volunteers.

Results coming in October. Stay tuned…


Kitty has reached critical mass

July 26th: Critical Mass

Join us for July’s Critical Mass event themed around saving Port Meadow. Meet at Tourist Info, Broad Street at 6pm. Bring costumes, lights, music, small children, hamsters, etc.

Please respect traffic, don’t jump red lights, and be safe. More info on international Critical Masses here.


The bicycle was too tired

Know Marketing?

We’re looking for a Promotions Volunteer:

  • Proactive individual with a good knowledge of Oxford
  • Marketing and PR experience, particularly in writing press releases
  • The ability to work well with other volunteers as part of our team, as well as the ability to work independently

What would you be doing?

  • Work alongside staff to develop a marketing plan
  • Arrange local media coverage, which may include distributing posters and leaflets
  • Update relevant local websites and media channels

Contact cassiope@bsbcoop.org.