Would you like to join the Broken Spoke Board?

We are looking for new board members to help us develop and grow our community-bike project, helping to steer the ship through these choppy waters we find ourselves in. Could it be you? 

Broken Spoke is a community bike workshop in Central Oxford. Our staff and volunteers help people from across the city to fix the bikes they ride, and get as many people on bikes as possible through courses, training and events. Broken Spoke is for everyone and we are actively working with marginalised groups across the city to make cycling an option for anybody. As one of our founders puts it;

“Broken Spoke creates a safe learning space that doesn’t just allow people to defy the expectations they have of themselves or that others have of them, it smashes power structures that put them there in the first place”

You’ll be joining a small team of friendly and hands-on folks. Our current board members work closely alongside the staff team and volunteers to make sure we’re heading in the right direction. Current board members come from a range of backgrounds and provide expert guidance as well as accountability. Board members attend a 3 hour meeting every 6-weeks and some give additional time to help with specific activities in between meetings. We are open to applications from outside of Oxford and it is possible to attend board meetings digitally. However we do require all board members to be present in Oxford for a minimum of two meetings per year.

At present, our need is for new board members to help us with business planning, covid recovery, and improving the education and teaching side of what we do. We don’t expect you to have years of professional experience in any one of these areas but we’d like you to be able to demonstrate some relevant experience and show us that you’ve got energy for what we do.

We’re as much about community building and inclusivity as we are about bikes. We’d welcome experience in running purpose-driven organisations, cooperatives, volunteer coordination, community organising, or creating diverse learning environments. We don’t need you to be a bike-nut, but a healthy interest is probably advisable…

If you’re interested in applying, please see our application pack for more information

The deadline for applications is midnight 13 September 2020, interviews will take place virtually in the week beginning 21 September and a final decision will be made by the end of September. See the application pack for further details, including contacts for further questions.