Become a Society Member

Broken Spoke is a Community Benefit Society that is owned and controlled by its members on a fair and equitable basis. Members of Broken Spoke are people who fulfill the society’s membership criteria, and who have an interest and dedication to take part in the governance of the organisation. They can be volunteers, employees or what we call “Supporters”, people who pay a yearly subscription as detailed in our membership policy.

Membership is what makes Community Benefit Societies different from many other businesses. In a world where resources are largely distributed based on privilege and power and many people lack real agency, Community Benefit Societies and Co-operatives are one way in which workers, consumers and producers can increase choice over their lives and labour. They aim to create stronger communities and healthier economies based on the principles of equality, mutual support and self-determination. The Broken Spoke seeks to make a positive contribution to society and the environment through its activities: the re-use and recycling of cycles & components and by providing training & opportunities to people in the local community, especially those from vulnerable groups.

Broken Spoke’s members have a say in decision-making and so becoming a society member takes your involvement with Broken Spoke one step further. As a member you have the right to:

  • Stand for election to the Society’s Board
  • Elect new board members
  • Attend the annual general meeting and any other member meetings that are organised
  • Take part in decisions through ordinary and extraordinary resolutions

What do I need to do in order to become a member?

  • Check if you meet all the membership criteria
  • Sign up for an annual subscription below if you want to become a member through the supportership route
  • Fill in the application form for society membership

Sign up for an annual subscription

Please note: We are using the platform to manage your subscription. Check out their privacy policy as well as our privacy policy to find out how the data you provide is processed and protected.