Oxfordshire Cycling Network Statement

A statement from the Oxfordshire Cycling Network, bringing together members of 14 (and increasing) cycling organisations in the county and representing the interests of Oxfordshire’s cyclists.

We believe that cycling can make a much bigger contribution to solving Oxfordshire’s transport problems. It is healthier, less polluting, less congesting, lower cost and more socially inclusive than most other modes of transport. Experience in Europe and other British cities, such as Cambridge and London, shows that investment in developing better facilities and encouraging cycling can achieve a significant mode shift which benefits both cyclists and non-cyclists.

Oxfordshire likes to promote itself as a cycling county – two of the twelve pictures on the Strategic Economic Plan’s inside cover feature cycling. There are some good examples, but overall it falls short as demonstrated by the reality of cycling on Oxfordshire’s roads and the Campaign for Better Transport’s recent report shows.

The Oxfordshire Cycling Network was formed by cycling groups across the county to help with this. We believe that the most cost effective way to improve cycling facilities and usage is to build in cycling as a key mode from the earliest stages of transport planning, with input from cyclists on what will and won’t help. There are many groups and types of cyclists across the county, so our aim is to provide a single point of contact with the cycling community, to get the best input in an efficient way.

We ask that the Council and its officers engage with us to develop a cycling strategy for the county, identifying an overall direction and a set of prioritised improvements and projects, large and small that could be implemented over time – some through specific projects, some through incorporation in regular maintenance.

We hope that you will work with us towards a healthier, more sustainable and more cost-effective transport system for the county.

Best regards,
Robin Tucker
On behalf of the Oxfordshire Cycling Network