Pedalling on

Group rideSocial rides and activities for those aged 55 and over.

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Next ride: 10:00, Saturday 16 September meeting at Rosehill Community Centre

Pedalling On is back! Thanks to further funding from cycleBOOM we have organised a number of rides for the rest of the Summer. The aim is to help make it easier for those aged 55 and over to get on a bike and ride.

Want to know more? Send us a message or phone (01865 807753).

We plan to reach into the community and stir up a storm of interested budding riders. Then we’ll be running activities to help people feel better equipped to ride as a group. And, if you’d like to take it further, you can try some of Broken Spoke’s other activities:

Later this summer we will be leading a spread of social rides of comfortable lengths, all aimed at helping those aged 55 and over who haven’t cycled for a while.

Looking forward to getting on the road with you!