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Social rides for those aged 55 and over


Thanks to funding from the cycleBOOM study, we are piloting a programme of social rides for those aged 55 and over. In addition to all the other things Broken Spoke does to make cycling easier (see here and below), we’ll be leading a spread of rides of differing lengths, all aimed at increasing the mobility, health and wellbeing for those who are 55 and over.

These rides are targeted at two different groups:
up to 10-mile rides for those who have stopped cycling for whatever reason,
up to 30-mile rides for those who are still cycling but looking for people to ride with.

Bookings will open in Spring 2017
Group ride

Want to come on a ride but not sure if your bike is up for it?
Our drop-in DIY workshop is the place to come and learn how to fix your own bike with the help and support of professional mechanics (open Thursday to Sunday). Alternatively you can bring your bike to our Tuesday repair service for our mechanics to fettle & tune it into ride-worthy shape for you. You can also buy refurbished bikes from us – more info here.

Want to come on a ride but not confident with your riding ability?
Our cycle training can make a big difference to your cycling technique and greatly build your confidence for sharing the road with others. Our cycling instructors can also help you find and plan routes, avoiding difficult junctions or picking the quietest cycle-paths.

Want to learn how to fix your bike before something goes wrong?
Evening bike maintenance classes are the best place to come for focused tuition. It starts at basic levels (including things like puncture repair & oiling chains) and can get very advanced (i.e. dissecting frames & building wheels).

If you have any other questions please get in touch either by phone (01865 807753) or by sending us a message.