The People’s Cycle Training

The People (person) Cycling

2 hours of cycle training for just £5 (normally £70)

Thanks to The People’s Budget, an adventure in democratic financial decision-making, the Broken Spoke Bike Co-op are proud to be providing our cycle training at a heavily subsidised rate of £5!

We were tasked with offering cycle tuition to Oxfordians over the age of 18 with the following needs:

  • Those in need of the skills to balance & ride upon a bicycle,
  • Or those in need of improved confidence to cycle on Oxford’s roads.

So if sitting upon a saddle with the wind in your hair is outside of your comfort zone, be it through apprehension of Oxford’s busy roads, or just through not yet knowing how to ride a bike, follow the link below to book your subsidised lesson now.

Last month we had 17 spaces, and they sold like hot cakes – but due to cancellations, we still have a few of these hugely-discounted cycle training sessions left!

Training sessions are delivered one-to-one and can start at any of the starting locations shown on the map below.

In order to ensure we are able to offer this to as many people as possible, places are limited to one per person. Click here to book your session.

More information of our normal cycle training programme can be found here.