The Sinkstarter Campaign

Help us crowd fund our way to running water in the workshop…

Plumbing the Depths of the Problem
Did you know there’s no running water in the Broken Spoke’s workshop? We get our fill from the generous taps of the Story Museum. That means that every cup of tea – every dirty hand and mug washed up – every gulp of life-giving water – has come from the hard work of volunteers and mechanics lugging jugs up and down the stairs.

This year, we’re going to fix this. It’s time to unclog that drain on our space and install a sink!

Help Us Do The Unsinkable.
Working with the Story Museum, we have already sorted out the sink and the plumber is on standby; we just need one more thing – the money to actually pay for all of it. Our current cash flow makes it difficult to provide the money out-of-pocket.

That’s why we need your help. We need to raise £800 for the costs of labour and materials!
£720 for the plumbing/installation
£80 for the sink and unit to put it in (not anymore thanks to a fab donation!)

Donate to support the cause!

Check out the lengths Broken Spokers are going to to win you over:

  • Kiro, Mike and Jarno: We packed up our tents and camp stoves and headed out for a three day ride along the whole Ridgeway on 25th – 27th June. Read all about it here!
  • Elle: I’ve ferried bowls of dirty mugs up and downstairs for enough years to be very excited by the idea of our very own sink. So I’m going to do a 5k swim in Lake Buttermere on 11th September. Swimming for running water – how fitting! It’s the furthest I’ve ever swam, I’m not aiming to be super fast just to enjoy it and not sink 😉

Thank you for your help! The sink will help us wipe away the long work of washing-up and kettle-filling, and let us concentrate on what we love doing – helping you lot fix your bikes. If we tap* into our collective resources, there’s nothing we can’t do!

If you want to join the Sink Fund-raising effort by doing a thing which we can post here to show the world what we will do for a humble sink, we want to hear from you!

*Okay, we’ll stop(per) with sink puns now. Promise.

YES, we’re there!!!

Current amount raised: £730.40
Amount to go: 0

Thanks SO much to everyone who donated!

If you still want to support us financially, we’ll of course gratefully receive your donation:

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